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Rotary E-Club NEO is a hybrid Rotary club.  We meet online at least twice a month and in person for periodic service and social events.  All our members live or work in Northeast Ohio to facilitate service and friendship among us. If you are dedicated to service, ready to share ideas, join leaders and take action  for lasting change, consider joining us!  
January Speaker #1
Rotary E-ClubNEO is excited to start our regular twice-monthly meetings in January 2020.  Our club is composed of both current and new Rotarians.  For the first six months, one of our monthly meetings will review one of Rotary's six causes to help us all focus on the purpose of Rotary.  The first is Promoting Peace.   Among many initiatives, Rotary supports programs that work to end bullying,  prevent and support victims of domestic violence,  rebuild lives for refugees, and dispel myths and stereotypes that create conflict.  
Rotary supports seven Peace Centers that offer fellowships to leaders from around the world to study peace.  The newest one recently opened at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.  In addition, frequent Presidential Peace Conferences and Peace Conferences prior to International Conferences are held.    Positive Peace as described by Rotary's partner, the Institute for Economics and Peace,  is one of the concepts taught in those programs, and we may find it relevant to many issues we face personally and in our local and national communities. To learn more, see the online Peace Academy for all Rotarians and/or join the Rotary Action Group for Peace, a collection of individual Rotarians interested in peacemaking.  
Our Vocabulary
A  Speaker is the  presentation we offer members and guests on our website.  In the upper right hand corner, see a link to Meetings which are our club business and planning meetings, intended only for members.  
Interested in learning more about our flexible, energetic and service-oriented club?  Contact us using the form below or via our Facebook page.  
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Service Projects

First Service Project!

Since our club does not yet have it's own service projects, we are looking for opportunities to help other clubs with theirs.  Let us know if you could use our members' help!  
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We are People of Action!
Scientist, farmer, innovator, Rotarian

A plainsman with a PhD, Bob Quinn uses his 4,000-acre Montana spread as a laboratory to revive an ancient grain, rethink agricultural practices, and reinvigorate rural communities


Since 2015, more than 4 million people have fled an economically devastated Venezuela. Tracking the stories of three who left puts faces on that staggering statistic.

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