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Rotary E-Club NEO is a hybrid Rotary club.  We meet online at least twice a month and in person for periodic service and social events.  All our members live or work in Northeast Ohio to facilitate service and friendship among us. If you are dedicated to service, ready to share ideas, join leaders and take action  for lasting change, consider joining us!  
Rotary in a time of Coronovirus
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our Meeting Page.  Until they can be resolved by Clubrunner, we have paused our meetings.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  
Although most Rotary clubs have stopped their meetings due to "stay home"  and social distancing orders in most communities, Zoom is enabling many clubs to continue to get together.  New to Zoom?
There are tutorials here.  Be aware of longer than usual wait times due to extra use.  Other options include Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting and Facetime.  
Around the world,  when possible Rotary clubs are helping during the coronovirus outbreak.  Silloth Rotary in Cambria, UK is raising money to make Isolation Support packages for vulnerable and isolated elderly, (clearly before their members were also isolated).  Are there needs in your community that can be met remotely by your members?  
Our Vocabulary
In the upper right hand corner, see a link to Meetings which are our twice monthly events for members.  In the future, we will be set up to provide Make Up meetings.  
Interested in learning more about our flexible, energetic and service-oriented club?  Contact us using the form below or via our Facebook page.  
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Service Projects

Service Projects

Our club has signed up to help with the 2020 Shoebox Project. 
These boxes, accompanied by Rotarians from District 6630, go to children in Chinandega, Nicaraugua who live on the dump.  Over many years, Rotarians have worked to improve their lives, and we are honored to help. 
Since our club does not yet have it's own service projects, we are looking for opportunities to help other clubs with theirs.  Let us know if you could use our members' help!  
We are People of Action!
RI News
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Members use ingenuity, flexibility to help people affected by coronavirus and to stay connected

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