Rotarian Joe Williams 
Rotary Club of Durango Daybreak
"The Power of Light"
Rotary cares deeply about easing poverty and building more sustainable lives for the for the 800 million people who live on less than $1.90 per day.  We use training for well paying jobs, entrepreneurship and programs that empower women, key to ending family poverty, as tools in this effort.  
Rotarians all over the world reach out to communities to assist them with needs that might seem simple to us such as lights. 
In Colorado, residents of the Navajo Nation are sometimes too isolated or too poor to afford electricity.  The nearby Durango Daylight Rotary Club envisioned a way to overcome those obstables.  See the project describe their efforts below and read how the "power of light" enables silversmiths to work at dark and in winter, children to study in the evening and homeowners to safely venture outside after dark.