Rotarian Mark Ballard  "Toilet Humor is Serious Business"
Rotarians care about water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), and as people of action, work hard to make water and sanitation improvements sustainable in communities around the world.   Rotarians in Lebanon, the Phillipines, and many African and South American countries have cooperated with local leaders and government health agencies to assess needs, build infastructure and educate community members to maintain their new facilities.  For example, in Lebanon, every Rotary club in the country came together with international health organizations such as UNICEF, World Vision and the Red Cross to develop a program to provide clean water to every public school in the country.  These efforts are supported by one of the most active Rotarian Action groups, WASRag, who provide technical support and encouragement.  
Watch Rotarian Mark Ballard talk about his experiences sharing clean water and sanitation.