Michael Pritchard   "Lifesaver Water Purification Bottle"
TED talk 
Rotary believes that water, sanitation and hygiene  (WASH) are necessities that should be available to everyone.  There is no other issue that affects education the economy, equality and progress like access to water and sanitation.  Over many years, the efforts of clubs around the world have become increasing sophisticated, moving from bore wells to filters to infrastructure in countries where it could be added  Partnering with many health and UN agencies,  Rotary has placed a particular focus on Belize, Guatemala, India and Kenya where the need was greatest.  This video describes an individual filter which is not commonly used by many current Rotary projects but is still important for disasters and in places where infrastructure is unavailable.

WASRAG, the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group, is one of the most active Rotarian groups, sponsoring hundreds of lifesaving projects around the world.